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Wipe hard disk free space

As deletion is not secure enough, anyone can recover almost any file you ever deleted. When wiping file you cannot guaranty you can wipe all temporary data or previously deleted files. To ensure your files are deleted totally you should wipe the free space of your hard disk regularly. 

Wipe hard disk free space. Top file security issues. Keep your sensitive files secure with QuickWiper

Stay secure with

Top file security issues:

Want to learn much more about wiping free space - check web-sites focused on this security problem.

Wipe free space

Why a free disk wipe? You don't leave your secrets on your old hard disk. Don't forget to erase your emails, Internet history and cache, contact data, financial data, trade Secrets or just private files you want to get rid of. 

Wipe free disk space

Cover your tracks by securely deleting files with a free space wipe by QuickWiper. Have you ever wanted to delete files and sensitive documents securely beyond being recovered by off the shelf undelete or forensic software? If so, a free space wipe by QuickWiper is the answer. 

When files are deleted and emptied from the recycle bin they are not truly removed from the hard disk. The files can easily be recovered by data recovery software.

Wipe free space with QuickWiper step by step

This function overwrites all previously deleted files. 

Wipe free space command in QuickWiperYou should use it for two reasons:

n      To wipe previous deleted files. You had been deleting files before you have started using QuickWiper;

n      To wipe temporary files. Some programs (such as MS Office) create temporary files, which contain your sensitive information. The program deletes such a files and you cannot point QuickWiper to delete it.  - Use wipe free space.

Wiping free space step-by-step:

  1. Run QuickWiper
  2. Click "Wipe free space" button.

A better wipe free space

Shred Agent utility may be considered as a professional version of QuickWiper.

Shred Agent has a powerful free space wiping function:

  • With Shred Agent wiping free space is very fast;

  • It's even more secure. Shred Agent suggest to empty Recycle Bin and System Information Folder before wiping;

As a user of QuickWiper you can obtain a good competitive update pricing. More about wipe free space.

Do more to stay secure 

As long as deleted file data is very important aspect of your personal and business risks, you should keep in mind, that tools you are using everyday may not be protected well and be dangerous for you. For instance, MS Internet Explorer is a known as a not really secure browser. There are two ways to stay secure when browsing: 

  • Keep Internet Explorer updated including all security patches;

  • Use our QuickWiper to clear your traces recorded by Internet Explorer; 

  • Consider moving to some more secure browser, such as FireFox;

A leader of internet search technologies, Google, suggests it's toolbar for FireFox browser, which will make this tool even more secure in use. We do recommend you to try FireFox. 

Once, you will install FireFox, please, pay attention to "Clear Private Data" option in "Tools" menu. With FireFox it's easy to clear your internet steps.

More about QuickWiper

QuickWiper is a good, reliable and easy to use disk wipe utility. It was designed to make free space wiping easy and useful function. With QuickWiper you just need one click to start wiping free space.

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