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Wipe sensitive file

When you delete some sensitive file in Windows it still possible to recover deleted file. It's necessary not to delete but wipe sensitive file. Wiped file cannot be recovered and no one will be able to read it's contents after deletion.

Friendly note by authors... In this article we wrote about QuickWiper, it's a good file shredder, but since then we have released something better - Shred Agent. This utility is even more secure that QuickWiper and wiping free space. More about Shred Agent.
Wipe sensitive file. Top file security issues. Keep your sensitive files secure with QuickWiper

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Top file security issues:

Wipe file

Windows deletion is not secure enough

Windows deletion is not secure enough. When you delete files in Windows by moving them into Recycle Bin all the data remain on your hard disk. You can make sure of it yourself. Try to search for some file recovery utilities, such as R-Undelete or DIY Data Recovery. Then try to recover some file on your hard disk. 

Shredder file

Shredder file means just the same as wipe file. Shreddering means "Wiping". People use this term as file shredders helps to secure papers in office as wiping utility secures computer files.

An ancient information that your hard disk remembers will astonish you. You can see all this information because you did not use wiping. You just put files into Recycle Bin or press Shift + Delete on your keyboard. Try to wipe some file with QuickWiper or some other file shredders and then recover it. It's now impossible to recover wiped files.

What wiping is

Wiping file is the process of overwriting the space where file located with some information. Different file wiping algorithms exists. Most file shredders allow to select which algorithm you would like to use.

Wipe sensitive file with QuickWiper step by step

  1. Run QuickWiper
  2. Click "Add files" or "Add folder" button: Select file to wipe
  3. Click "Wipe" button to wipe (totally erase) selected files: Wipe selected file

Wipe confirmation

QuickWiper functions were design to prevent any accidental deletions. QuickWiper asks for a confirmation every time it is going to wipe some file. But advanced users can cut off this checking.

Wiping modes

With QuickWiper you can use simple windows deletion, wipe files with single pass wiping or use most secure NSA erasure algorithm. Using QuickWiper you can decide whether you want to wipe file names.

Choosing wiping algorithms depends on your wiping task. You donít need most secure erasure algorithm when you are wiping downloaded programs, but you need most secure NSA erasure algorithms when you wipe your sensitive files;  

Do more to stay secure 

As long as deleted file data is very important aspect of your personal and business risks, you should keep in mind, that tools you are using everyday may not be protected well and be dangerous for you. For instance, MS Internet Explorer is a known as a not really secure browser. There are two ways to stay secure when browsing: 

  • Keep Internet Explorer updated including all security patches;

  • Use our QuickWiper to clear your traces recorded by Internet Explorer; 

  • Consider moving to some more secure browser, such as FireFox;

A leader of internet search technologies, Google, suggests it's toolbar for FireFox browser, which will make this tool even more secure in use. We do recommend you to try FireFox. 

Once, you will install FireFox, please, pay attention to "Clear Private Data" option in "Tools" menu. With FireFox it's easy to clear your internet steps.


More about QuickWiper

QuickWiper is a good, reliable and easy to use file wipe utility. It was designed to make wiping easy and useful function that you can apply everyday to stay secure.

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