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Powerful of Google for local hard disk.

With File Search Assistant you can search text in different file formats, for example in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, MS Office files (xls, doc). Preview pane and other options make your search efficient and rapid. I like the idea of searching web with Google search engine. It combines speed and efficiency. Search results are full of relevant web-pages. We created Files Search Assistant as a some kind of "Google" for local hard disk. Our goal was to create an easy to use and effective search tool. 

Read this article and learn how you can apply the powerful of Google to your hard disk.

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Regular Expressions

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What makes Google especially useful is a special syntax of search query.

File Search Assistant also has an ability to analyze regular expressions in search query. You can type: +search -web +"download trial". 

You can use special signs in search query of FSA:

  • "-" if you want to find documents without that word;

  • "+" or just keyword - if you want to find documents with that keyword;

  • "Some phrase" - if you want to find document with exactly this phrase;

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Read more about regular expressions in FSA's on-line manual

Search Speed

Searching on hard disk is easy task as it requires to scan all the hard disk and read the content of all files. I always dreamed about the ability to tell search tool: "You should search in folder ..\Program Files\FSA on disk C and to search in folder ..\My Files\Work Docs.

With FSA you can:

  • Create custom search groups to make FSA search for some specific files in some specific locations;

  • Use multi-directory search;

  • Add new search to current search results;

Read more about customizing search in FSA's on-line manual

Click to run FSA flash demo. You will learn what is custom search, preview pane, search report.

Reading PDF files

I also like the ability of Google to search in PDF files. File Search Assistant can do the same thing with local hard disk.

With File Search Assistant you can:

  • Search in PDF files for text;

  • Search in HTML files;

  • Search in other file formats;

Read more about FSA's settings in on-line manual

Search results

Google's search results are very short and informative. Google nightlights found keyword and this is especially useful when you scan a large volume of information.

FSA enables you to combine both - quick overview of all found documents (with report generation function) and precise analysis of particular file (with preview pane and navigation buttons).

With FSA you can:

  • Generate search report to collect all the information about found files, highlight found keywords and expressions;

  • Use preview pane and "Next/Previous fragment" buttons to navigate quickly though your search results;

Read more about search report and preview pane in on-line manual

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