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Clear system cache, cookies, history and temporary files

Important aspect of file security is staying secure in Internet and securing internet files. You should ensure that your Internet Explorer cache, temporary files and history files are deleted. Make sure there are no Internet cookies left on your computer. 

Clear system cache, cookies, history and temporary files. Top file security issues. Keep your sensitive files secure with QuickWiper

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Top file security issues:

Clear Internet cache, cookies, history and temporary files

You definitely need to perform an Internet Explorer clean up regardless if you are running IE5 or IE6. Internet Explorer clean up is just like computer housekeeping and something that you should do on a regular basis. Your computer and browser both will run better and more efficiently when you do an Internet Explorer clean up.

Security aspect

Right now, Windows is storing hidden records of everything you are doing on the Internet. Do you want your boss, kids, or spouse to see those records? Safeguard your privacy, job, business secrets, and anything else you want to keep private—hide your tracks with just one click in Windows.

Clear system and Internet files

When you point your Internet Explorer (IE) to some site the following happen:

  • IE make a history record, which contains information about site you are visiting: site’s address, date of visit and addresses of visited pages;

  • Scripts on the site can create a cookie. It is some kind of a personal marker which can identify you;  

  •  IE’s cache contains ALL the information about visited pages. It keeps the html files of pages (text you see) and pictures that you watched;

  • IE also remembers the address, which you have typed in address line of your browser. It calls “Typed URL”;

That is what your browser does when you open a web site and what QuickWiper can clear to keep your activity records secure.

Clear system step-by-step

  1. Clear system command in QuickWiperRun QuickWiper.
  2. Click "Clear system" button.

Do more to stay secure 

As long as deleted file data is very important aspect of your personal and business risks, you should keep in mind, that tools you are using everyday may not be protected well and be dangerous for you. For instance, MS Internet Explorer is a known as a not really secure browser. There are two ways to stay secure when browsing: 

  • Keep Internet Explorer updated including all security patches;

  • Use our QuickWiper to clear your traces recorded by Internet Explorer; 

  • Consider moving to some more secure browser, such as FireFox;

A leader of internet search technologies, Google, suggests it's toolbar for FireFox browser, which will make this tool even more secure in use. We do recommend you to try FireFox. 

Once, you will install FireFox, please, pay attention to "Clear Private Data" option in "Tools" menu. With FireFox it's easy to clear your internet steps.

More about QuickWiper

QuickWiper is a good, reliable and easy to use Internet steps removers. It was designed to make system clearing easy and useful function. With QuickWiper you just need one click to clear Internet cookies, cache, temporary files and history.

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